Wood care

How to take care of your wooden Botanee boards?

Your wooden Botanee board has been hand crafted with a lot of love. If treated well, it will last a lifetime. We treat our wooden boards with all-natural and organic vegetable oils before they leave our workshop. They don't ask for a lot of care.

Below we share some tips and tricks with you how to take care of your Botanee boards

  • Don't soak your wooden serving or cutting board.
  • When cleaning your board, simply rub it with a slightly wet cloth.
  • Using washing-up liquid isn't always necessary, but it is recommended to do so after cutting raw meat, fish or poultry.
  • Do not put your wooden products in the dishwasher.
  • Dry your wooden boards properly (preferably lying flat) before storing it away.
  • Once in a while, rub your board with a vegetable oil to prevent the board from drying out.