Our story

An exclusive natural living brand that offers handmade natural products

We strive to only use ethically sourced ingredients that promote natural, healthy, sustainable living, with a rustic chic touch to it - call it ecoluxury.

The maker and her mission

My name is Isabelle and I'm proud to introduce you to my brainchild, Botanee. Welcome!

After having li
ved in London for more than ten years, I moved back to Belgium, and settled in Puurs-Sint-Amands. As a busy mom of two energetic little boys, I very much value honest and pure products. Products that are natural and eco-friendly, that are as healthy and clean as possible to use around my precious family and that don't cost the earth. Botanee grew out of this passion.

I passionately craft my products by hand in my local workshop in Puurs-Sint-Amands. Sustainability and the pure quality of my products is at the hearth of every decision I make.  

Wile I am constantly trying out and perfecting new recipes I come up with to add to our product lines (something I really love doing!), Botanee's collection currently consists of the following products: 

    • All-natural hand soaps, washing-up liquids and sanitizer sprays subtly scented with pure essential oils. All our natural living products are organic, antibacterial and hypoallergenic and 99,9% natural! They come in eco-friendly glass amber bottles, helping us to reduce our plastic waste. Oh, and our eco-friendly refill pouches make your glass amber bottles last forever! 

    • Hand-carved wooden serving and cutting boards. I use sustainably sourced local wood, minimizing the carbon footprint of our wooden products. My wood collection is very important to me. My love for the beauty of what you can create with wood and for pure craftmanship is inspired by my grandfather, who has been a passionate woodworker for over 50 years. Working in his workshop using his old school antique tools is a nostalgic throwback to my childhood years when I spent lots of time at my grandparents' house.

I make our wooden cutting and serving boards with pure wood, no glues or chemical treatment oils are used. Each board is unique in shape and color nuances, the patterns of the raw boards are my guide when drawing out the shapes.

"Each board is unique in shape and color nuances. No glues or chemical treatment oils are used." 

I hope to share my passion with you. Have fun discovering my products and learning more about my journey. 

Isabelle x